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  • MB81 and SRP on MB86 showing tools used to cut from 1990s
  • Leather Battery Pouch
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Harold Vickery

Leather Battery Pouch

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Power Up Your Mining Gear with Our Leather Battery Pouch!

Introducing the essential companion for miners – our ever popular MB81 Leather Battery Pouch, designed for durability and reliability in the toughest conditions underground.

Built Tough: Crafted from rugged leather, our pouch ensures your batteries stay protected from dust, moisture, and impacts, keeping your equipment running smoothly throughout your mining operations.

Easy Access, Reliable Power: With a dedicated compartment for your batteries, tools, and radio, our pouch provides quick and convenient access, so you can keep your mining equipment powered up without missing a beat.

Illuminate Your Worksite: Keep your cap lamps and essential mining gear fully charged and ready for action, ensuring you have the illumination you need to work safely and efficiently in the depths of the mine.

Secure Storage, Peace of Mind: Rest assured knowing your batteries are securely stored and protected, witho ur solid construction with extra rivets so you can focus on your work without worrying about power disruptions.

Order Now: Don't let a drained battery slow you down. Order your Leather Battery Pouch today and experience the convenience of having reliable power at your fingertips during every mining expedition.

Gear up for success underground with our Leather Battery Pouch – the mining essential that keeps your equipment powered and your operations running smoothly.