Cutting Services Now Available

Since receiving the Regional Job Creation Fund, Harold Vickery and Son has increased our production space to a 500 square metre factory and increased our capabilities with our new five head oscillating knife cutting machine. 

This machine boasts a huge 3 meter by 2 meter bed size with overhead projectors to superimpose manually and automatically nested images of the final component onto the cutting bed before starting the process.
This is perfect for the leather we normally use as its size and shape varies widely,  and also allows us to cut everything from Lycra to reinforced rubber sheet used for gaskets in machinery. 


Our machine utilises a number of tools including oscillating knives, interchangeable punches, creasing tools, prickers, and pens. This broad spectrum enables HV&S to efficiently cut materials from our extensive inventory or from our customers' own products. Moreover, the pen feature allows for permanent or removable ink marking on finished goods, facilitating serialisation, identification, resale, or installation.

In addition to these tools, our knife cutters employ a vacuum bed during the cutting process. This ensures secure material placement, leading to tighter tolerances in most cases. Dry cutting of materials like compressed fibre cement jointing, virgin and filled PTFEs, sponges, foam, rubbers, treated fabrics, cloths, filter materials, vinyl, cork, felts, and numerous others minimizes shrinkage and material wastage due to movement.

Utilising a number of CAD programs, we are able to import your designs or make new ones using your specifications. As a limited time introductory offer we can offer cutting with no set-up fee, just mention this blog post